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Our confidence comes from our spirit.
Our success comes from our values.
Innovation, profession, responsibility, efficiency.
Adhere to concentration、lead to innovation、open to share、result to be first.
About us

Authoritative certification is the guarantee of our quality

The quality of our products has received authoritative certification from different regions, different countries and different organizations, including ISO,SGS and CE.

Authoritative certification is the guarantee of our quality

We have something to be proud of!

Broad Market

Our products can be found all over the world, in fact, it is not far from you.

So,Sinorock® has won great reputation in the world.The products have been exported to Asia, Oceania, Europe, Africa, North America, South America and owing to reliable quality and excellent services.

After several years’ exploration ,Sinorock® has occupied a central position in the global anchorage exportation market.Our clients are widely distributed in Asia, Oceania, Europe, Africa, North America, South America. All of these depend on our reliable products, excellent services and great reputation.

Broad Market

our company

Our Factory

Sinorock® has advanced anchor bolt production lines and accessories processing equipments. Our own factory gives us sufficient confidence to meet the varies requirements of all our clients. A new production line has build in this year and we make a strict quality control system. The quality of our product would be more reliable. Especially the line can produce large diameter anchor bolt.

Our team

As the saying goes, a vibrant team is the prerequisite for a company’s business success.


We are the strategist of market, we are the perceivers of strategy, we are the planners of brand, we are the developers of new technology and we are the professional Sinorock® people.


We promise together, undertake together; we share together, make decision together; we cooperate and care for each other; we not only concentrate on our individual goals, but also focus on the returns which are brought by working together.

Passionate and Enthusiastic

We are passionate and versatile; we are full of energy, and we can endure loneliness. We have dream, but not daydream.We have ambition, but not fickleness. We have infinite creativity and refuse mediocrity.

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