T111 Self Drilling Anchor


Self drilling rock bolts adopt hollow design, which are the passage of high-pressure blast, water and slurry. The overall standard thread has bigger binding area than the smooth ones, then it can improve the anchoring force.

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T127 Self Drilling Anchor


Self drilling anchor system is a new type self drilling anchor bolt, which combines drilling, grouting and anchoring together. It is convenient, reliable and high-efficient. T thread can connect with drilling machine, rock bolting jumbo and grout injector.

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T130 Self Drilling Anchor


Self drilling rock anchor is a new T thread type. At the end of bolt, there are rectangular chamfers, which ensures that the end part is vertical and it can connect with coupling .The construction is simple and it suits for drilling and supporting in different geological conditions and projects.

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T200 Self Drilling Anchor


Composed of the self drilling anchor rod, anchor coupling, anchor nut, anchor plate and drill bit. Made of seamless steel pipe with thick wall. Has a high rate of installation since drilling, placing and grouting can be performed in one single operation.

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T150 Self Drilling Anchor


One of the large diameter hollow anchor bolt applied for constructions of shallow buried parts of tunnel portal, sand, gravel, silt, and clay, and in soft to medium fractured rock formations.

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